Saturday, November 16, 2013

How to get Glu Coins For Free by Using Glu Patcher

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There is finally some good news as you have the patcher which is known as glu patcher for all the glu titles. You also get a chance to get about 396k gold coins with every game. This is really very simple and there is hardly any root that is required and the best part is that it can work with all the glu games.

These are tested on series of games such as Eternity warriors -2 Blood and Glory NR+legends, Frontline commando1+DDay and Samurai vs Zombies 1+2.

How to get started
1. To get started you will be requiring to download the Glu patcher pack.
2. Then you need to switch off the Wi-Fi and the mobile data as you need to remember that this is not going to work if you are connected to the internet.
3. Next you need to open the AppGlu patcher and then you need to press OK
4. Once you are done you can start playing the App glu patcher and then can press OK.

However sometimes it can happen that you might encounter some problems the you need to try the following steps:

You need to delete the gwallet from android, sdcard also need to clear all the data of the particular game and then try once again. Glu Mobile has changed the way for managing glu credits. Glu credits can be now synced across all Glu Mobile games and the files can be stored in SD card. With little alterations one can now get many Glu Credits for all Glu Mobile games.

You can also get free Glu credits with Glu Credits Hack Android. There is a very simple step by step method which will enable you to earn 180K of Glu coins which can be used for any Glu game such as Samurai vs. Zombies or even Gun Bros.
Firstly make sure to turn all wifi off so that you want to copy or overwrite the existing file. If you forget this step then the Glu coins hacks will not function.
 Step to install Glu Credits Hack Android:
Turn of all Wifi
Then find out whether you have any file named “” in Android dat . Then delete them otherwise you will have 0 or -0 glu coins.
Next open the Es file Explorer and go to sdcard where you long press on the file“” so that a pop up option gives you three choices such as
gwallet.rar/, 2.Current path, 3.Choose path
Choose the path and then you type /sdcard/Android/data/
Once you are done there is a message which will ask you whether you want to overwrite, you just click on that three times and it will be done.

Buy all the things that you need with glu coins and then start the game by turning on the WiFi!